"HumanML: The Vision" (DMDirect)

“HumanML: The Vision”
DM Direct (07/29/05); Peltz, Jay

The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) is developing the Human markup language (HumanML) specification to more formally represent human traits (cultural, physical, psychological, and so on) and augment the fidelity of human communication by delivering machine readable subtext via the use of XML. The goal of HumanML is to support sharing, collaboration, and relating as the Internet and other digital communications tools make accurate information exchange between culturally and socially disparate peoples a growing priority. HumanML is envisioned as a tool for mining massive volumes of textual and multimedia content by facilitating the inclusion of human-related contextual clues; providing document markup standards that enable the human computer interface to automatically adjust to system users’ cognitive or psychological needs; and supplying standardized markup to support automated handling and management operations that take information security and releasability across all granularity strata into account. Accelerating global interconnectivity is leading to information overload, and HumanML is designed to ease the burden and complement semantic-based technologies such as the Semantic Web that are attempting to assign context and meaning to digital content. Both governmental and non-governmental areas can benefit from HumanML. In the former sector, HumanML can help facilitate interoperability across numerous federal agencies and departments. In the latter sector, HumanML offers a standardized means to relay and establish contextual meaning, giving researchers and others a more refined way to locate the specific information and knowledge they are looking for.
[via ACM News Service; thanks Juey!]