More Tales From ‘Ciscogate’ (Wired News)

By Jennifer Granick

11:00 AM Aug. 08, 2005 PT

Attorney Jennifer Granick represented computer security researcher Michael Lynn in his conflict with Cisco and ISS at the Black Hat conference. The following is reprinted from her blog with permission.

The story so far:

Cisco and Internet Security Systems sued Mike Lynn and Black Hat immediately following Mike’s speech on vulnerabilities in Cisco’s widely used internet routers. The lawyers scrambled, and we were able to settle the case cheaply and expeditiously within 24 hours. We had plans to drink expensive champagne. But then, mere hours after we filed the settlement papers, FBI agents showed up on the conference floor and started asking questions.

I hurried away from my mother and our giant mai tai to the Black Hat area, where I found two men, obviously FBI agents, talking with the Black Hat lawyer. The agents told us that they were from the Las Vegas office, that they were visiting at the request of the Atlanta office (close to where both Lynn and ISS are located) and that they weren’t currently interested in talking with Mike. (more…)