Jennings’ Finest 60 Hours, As We Watched Them (New York Observer)

By Rebecca Dana

“I have to take you back to before 9-11,” Peter Jennings told a reporter from the Orlando Sentinel in 2003. “I used to go downtown a lot. What always pleased me, as a New Yorker, is that so many came to find that New York was different from what they anticipated. It was softer, more generous and more grateful to other people.”

What always pleased me, as a New Yorker. This is what pleased us. Jennings was born in Canada in 1938. He moved to the United States at 26 as ABC News’ anchor, a high-school dropout, in 1964. He became an American citizen two years ago. But it was New York that he loved. And it was New Yorkers who, the day after he died of lung cancer, taped notes and bouquets of roses to bus-stop billboards featuring his photograph. (more…)