iPod Goes to Work for the Firm (The American Lawyer)

From the moment it was introduced in 2001, two things about the iPod were as clear as its sound: It was a terrifically innovative music player, and it had no business use whatsoever — unless you were Nelly’s lawyer.

But leave it to a hit product to spawn a burgeoning market in accessories. Today there are hundreds of add-ons for the iPod, most of them providing no business justification for purchasing — and ideally, expensing — Apple’s nifty device.

But beyond the stylish cases and souped-up headphones, a few devices do enable iPod users to pump up the productivity along with the volume. Make no mistake: None of them turn the iPod into a mobile office. But the voice recorders, laser pointers, media readers and language translators now available let you hit the work before you hit play. (more…)

[via Inter Alia]