Ready to Start Blogging? (TechSoup)

How to set up and run your nonprofit’s own digital soapbox

By: Marnie Webb, Director of TechCommons, at CompuMentor

You’ve researched, read articles, visited countless blogs, and now you’ve decided to take the plunge and start blogging. So what are your next steps?

The first consideration when creating a blog is which tool to use. There are countless options with a variety of different features. Some tools are free, others are open source, some require no IT help, while others require quite a bit of programming and configuration to get up and running.

Which tool you pick to build your blog depends largely on your commitment to this blogging thing. Before doing anything, ask yourself if you’re unsure, kinda sure, or whether you feel strongly about a blog for your organization.

If you’re unsure if blogging will work for your organization and you’re deciding whether to move forward with it, then Blogger is the tool for you. It costs nothing, it’s stable, easy to use, and even the hosting is free. To use the free service, simply sign up, and you’re on your way to becoming a bonafide blogger.

Do you feel more sure? You know that you want to do this and you’ve assigned someone to update the blog, but you don’t want to invest heavily in a technology infrastructure. Enter TypePad . Typepad provides a few more options than Blogger — notably trackbacks and categories — that add to the managability of your blog. It costs more than Blogger, but the extra options could be worth the investment.

Do you feel strongly that you want to host a blog on your own servers? Do you want to be able to build and customize as you see fit? If so, there are three good options for you: WordPress or Drupal (specifically the CivicSpace fork) are both open source. And there’s also Six Apart’s Movable Type , which offers not-for-profit pricing. (more…)