You Only Need To Know 5 Things To Be A Library Geek (

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Inspired by that list that had been making the rounds on LISFeeds, I’ve thrown together 5 areas of focus for librarian geeks. Sure, you could waste your time learning those “20 Technology Skills Every Librarian Should Have,” but why spend all that time learning 15 more things than you really need to learn? Save time and money learning just 5 things by using The “LISNews You Only Need To Know 5 Things To Be A Library Geek” list!

  1. Software: Microsoft Office, Web Browsers & Plugins, Windows, Other OSes, Instant Messaging, Relational Database Theory
  2. Hardware: Networking (Wired and Wireless), Handhelds (Cell phones, PDAs, Cameras), Computers (PCs, Servers, Peripherals)
  3. The Internet: The WWW, DNS, Email, Usenet, Search Engines, Wikis, Podcasting, Blogs, Distance Education, Open Source, Open Access, FTP, SSH, XML, HTML, XHTML, and CSS
  4. Everything on the Slashdot Topics Page
  5. At Least One Programming Language