Tulane University’s Home Page (which is curently a blog)

August 31, 6 p.m.

Things continue to be unstable in New Orleans, although there is hope that we have experienced the worst. We continue to put the safety of students and employees first. We are working around the clock to bring continuity to the university and to re-establish our presence, however much of this is dependant on the city of New Orleans and Mother Nature. One of our greatest frustrations is our inability to communicate with our larger community due to the failure of all utilities, including e-mail and cell phones. Over the next few days we will have a better handle on the timeline for our recovery. In the meantime, nearly all of our students have been relocated to their home communities or other safe locations under our supervision. All of our residence halls are secure and the contents appear intact. I know all of our students are anxious about our re-opening date; again, in the next few days we will be able to speak more confidently about a start date for the fall semester.

The faculty, staff and students of Tulane University, especially in our medical and public health schools, have proven to be an extraordinary group who have not only conducted themselves with patience and decorum but have reached out to others in acts of exemplary valor in situations small and large.

Tulane University is a great institution with loyal students, faculty, staff and alumni. We will recover from this event and be stronger because of it. I will be in touch as we know more and the situation develops.

Scott Cowen