Noah’s Wish: Animal Rescue

The animal rescue organisation Noah’s Wish has sent a team of 100 volunteers to the Gulf Coast and rescue as many pets that have been separated from their families. You read their progress on their blog.

Update: please also see my post about the Katrina Help wiki’s comprehensive page on animal rescue resources.

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7 thoughts on “Noah’s Wish: Animal Rescue

  1. Could someone PLEASE tell the camera cars of CNN to pick up the dog standing on the side wall of the porch in New Orleans. And, Please, tell Noah’s Wish to tell CNN where the kind people that do rescue the pets can take them. Thank you very much for your effort.

  2. The dog on CNN standing on the porch in the flooded area will not be rescued, nor will other pets in New Orleans. According to Peta, ” NO ANIMAL GROUPS HAVE BEEN ALLOWED IN TO HELP ANIMALS IN NEW ORLEANS…AUTHORITIES ARE FORCING EVERYONE TO LEAVE THEIR ANIMALS BEHIND. IN SOME CASES, PEOPLE ARE TOLD THAT THEY MUST CHOOSE BETWEEN BRINGING VITAL MEDICINE AND THEIR DOG.”For more info, please visit PETA web page. They are suggesting everyone to write or call their state senators and/or reps about this.

  3. The Humane Society of the United States is currently assisting animals and their caregivers. Please see their website for more information. I have pasted an except below. You can also donate to their relief efforts by following the link below: after the hurricane slammed into the Gulf Coast, HSUS teams were on the ground determining the areas where the most critical relief was needed. Today, experienced HSUS rescue staff and volunteers are working with state officials, federal agencies, and other organizations to evacuate animals out of the hardest-hit areas. They are also establishing pet-friendly shelters and delivering supplies, resources, and medical assistance.

  4. Attention Sara from Baltimore,You need to pay attention to the news on a daily basis. Animal agencies and organizations are currently helping and rescuing animals. Check The Humane Society web site and Noahs Wish. (They are allowed into the areas hit by the hurrican.)

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