Tagging for Katrina (You’re It!)

Nancy White is part of the community of bloggers who are putting their online networks to work in supporting disaster recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Staci Kramer has suggested that tags can assist in this work by helping people find and organize different types of information related to the recovery effort. They e-mailed me to ask for a quck tagging “how to” that could help bloggers and online networkers use tags more effectively. My first crack at this is below; suggestions and improvements are welcomed here or on the wiki version.

Tagging for Katrina
The Internet is a crucial tool for people helping in the Katrina recovery, and for Katrina survivors looking for loved ones, food, shelter or other assistance. As the online community has joined the recovery effort, the explosion of online resources has made it harder and harder for people to find what they are looking for.

Tags can help to organize the wealth of online Katrina information so that survivors and supporters can work together more effectively and more quickly. For example, Andy Carvin has set up a Katrina blog that uses the tag hurricanekatrina to pull photos from Flickr.
Here’s a quick guide to how your web site or blog can use tags to make information more accessible, and on how tags can help people find the information they need. (more…)

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