Disaster Preparation Checklist for your pet (HelpingAnimals.com)

  • If at all possible, do not leave animals behind. There is no way of knowing what may happen to your home while you are away, and you may not be able to return for days or even weeks. Animal companions left behind may become malnourished, dehydrated, or crushed by collapsing walls. They may drown or escape in fear and become lost.
  • All animals should have collars with identification. Make sure that you have a current photo of your animal companion for identification purposes, the same as you would for a child.
  • Place an emergency window sticker near your front door in case a weather emergency or fire strikes when you are not home. This sticker will alert rescuers to animals in your home who need help. Be sure to note how many animals are in the home and where they can be found. (more…)