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She’s a petite thirtysomething from Bangkok but 10,000 people a week want to know what she had for lunch. Jay Rayner meets a culinary explorer whose online diaries have won her a cult following among foodies the world over

Sunday September 11, 2005
The Observer

If eating in Michelin-starred restaurants were an Olympic sport – and it really ought to be – Pim Techamuanvivit would win gold, easy. In the last week of April, Pim sampled the tasting menu at the three-star Fat Duck in Bray, recently named best restaurant in the world. A few days after that she was at a French three-star, Michel Bras in Laguiole, a stopping-off point en route to her dinner at the famed three-star El Bulli in Catalonia. She then returned to Paris by way of the two-star restaurant of Olivier Roellinger, Les Maisons de Bricourt at Cancale. While staying in the French capital she ate at the two-star L’Astrance – twice – at the two-star Le Meurice once, the three-star L’Ambrosie and, finally, at Pierre Gagnaire’s famed three-star temple to gastronomy on rue Balzac. In all, Pim managed 23 Michelin stars in the space of about six weeks. (more…)


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