Law firms send case work overseas to boost efficiency (Washington Times)

Law firms are outsourcing some of the work on their cases to other countries, joining a growing national trend of trying to cut costs by using a labor force paid at a lower rate than American workers.
“Clients are entitled to get these things done in an efficient way,” said Jim Shea, managing partner of Venable LLP, one of the Washington area’s biggest law firms.
His firm has used Indian companies to draft patent applications for Venable clients. The foreign companies also have done “coding” of legal documents in which they index and annotate them before transferring them to computer software.
The Indian firms can do legal work for about $40 an hour, compared with $120 an hour charged by many U.S. law firms.
Mr. Shea said the quality of work does not suffer from using foreign workers because it is reviewed by U.S. lawyers. (More…)

[via Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites]