Bennett Miller’s Capote

For the first time, I bought a half subscription to the New York Film Festival. I joined the Film Society to do so and for me, it is so worth it. But the film I most wanted to see was Capote, which wasn’t on my series. A friend came threw with an invite to a screening. How can this be Bennett Miller’s first film? Remember the dweeby son of the gay parents in Mike Nichols’ The Birdcage? That’s Dan Futterman, who wrote the screenplay and is one of the executive producers.

Going to movies like these, watching them with audiences who don’t talk and turn off their cell phones and then having a Q&A afterwards, is heaven. Here are some Capote links. I plan on seeing this again next weekend, in a regular theatre.

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The 43rd New York Film Festival

Fall Movies Feature Real People, Real Voices (NPR)
All Things Considered, September 30, 2005 · Movies on broadcaster Edward R. Murrow and writer Truman Capote sound authentic. David Strathairn does Murrow in Good Night and Good Luck. Philip Seymour Hoffman is Capote.

Hoffman’s ‘Capote’ True to the Man (NPR)
All Things Considered, September 30, 2005 · The film Capote is based on Gerald Clarke’s biography. Clarke was on the set as Truman Capote played a “Capote type” in Murder by Death. He says Philip Seymour Hoffman is a much better Capote on screen.

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s ‘Capote’ Obsession (NPR)
Day to Day, September 26, 2005 · Madeleine Brand talks with actor Philip Seymour Hoffman about his starring role in the new film Capote. The movie depicts writer Truman Capote as he researches his groundbreaking “non-fiction novel” In Cold Blood and develops a friendship with one of the killers he writes about.

Leonard Lopate, WNYC
Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, and director Bennett Miller discuss their new film, “Capote.”