Wine Adventure (Slate)

Finally, a magazine for lady winos.
By Mike Steinberger
Updated Friday, Oct. 7, 2005, at 1:47 PM PT

Is there a gender gap in the wine world? Evidently so, judging from the sudden boom in wines—and wine accoutrements—targeted at women. In May, Beringer Blass Wine Estates introduced White Lie, a low-alcohol, reduced-calorie Chardonnay that’s being marketed to women. July saw the debut of Wine Adventure, a magazine hoping to attract women wine buffs supposedly alienated by the testosterone-driven coverage in other wine journals. Leslie Sbrocco recently published Wine for Women, a guidebook for distaff drinkers, and another book, 100 Women in Wine: Journeys and Inspiration in Wine and Life, is due to be released next year.

I don’t recall this being declared the Decade of Women in Wine, and I will admit to being a little surprised by this sudden outpouring of sisterhood. Here I, and probably every other male oenophile, thought we were having a terrific coed party, only to now be told that the women weren’t having much fun at all. But before the ladies pack up their Riedel glasses and head off to drink by themselves, a question: Is the wine world really so inhospitable to women that voluntary separation is necessary? Or is this just an example of niche marketing run amok? (more…)