Palm Debuts the Z22 Organizer (

With the introduction of the Palm Z22 organizer, Palm is targeting the $1 billion per year paper-planner market. Research conducted by Palm suggests a substantial population of late technology adopters have been afraid to buy handhelds, fearing they are too difficult to use. The Palm Z22 organizer offers paper-planner users as well as others an extremely simple and fun way to stay organized. New users will find the three-step set-up process for the organizer incredibly easy. Users also will find that keeping track of their to-do lists, busy schedules, family and friends’ contact information, shopping lists and birthdays all in one small place is useful and simple. To ease the transition from paper planners to the Palm Z22 organizer, Palm includes an organizational booklet with tips and vignettes on how to be more organized.

Palm Z22 OrganizerWeighing just over 3 ounces and about the same size as a deck of playing cards, the Palm Z22 organizer is compact and stylish with its white front and translucent blue backing. Small enough to fit into any purse, backpack or back pocket, it boasts a bright, color display, making it easy for users to read names and addresses. They can even color-code appointments, and view and carry pictures of their friends and family wherever they go.

“The Palm Z22 organizer was built on the success of the original Zire handheld, which sold more than 1 million units in its first seven months on the market,” said Ken Wirt, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Palm, Inc. “It’s perfect for first-time users and students, who can now throw away their paper planners, replacing scratched-out pages and dozens of sticky notes with all the information they need in one little place.” (more…)