The AAP/Google Lawsuit: Much More At Stake (John Battelle’s Searchblog)

Book Open-1I spent some time yesterday and this morning speaking with Allan Alder, counsel for the AAP (see my initial post on this here). I came away convinced of what I initially suspected but so far had not stated: this is a far bigger issue than simply book publishers wanting to protect their business models (though there’s plenty of that in here as well.)

Today David Drummond, counsel at Google, posted another missive in the ongoing communications battle over this issue. In it he positions Google as the innovator which is making incumbents nervous, a position that certainly has a long history (he quotes the Sony Betamax/VCR case) as well as plenty of support amongst the technology elite. (more..)

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  1. Hi. I have not read the article yet. I have wondered if publishers are upset about losing their share of the noncopyrighted market. For instance, Penguin and others sell classics.I thought that segment of the market might be a bigger issue since most publishers are owned by large corporations these days.

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