In on a little secret: how to pick good value wines from fancy lists in Europe (chez pim)

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’m speaking of my secret to get the most value out of my sadly depreciating dollars from the wine lists at fancy restaurants in Europe. I’ve been doing this for a while, but never thought to tell anyone about it. You -yes, that’s you- will be the first. 😉

It occurred to me that my little trick might be of use to others when, at the beginning of our recent dinner at the lovely Greenhouse in Mayfair, my friend Tony commented that the sommelier must have taken a liking to me, spending a long time concurring with me on which wines to pick for our table. The sommelier on duty that night was a sweet, bespectacled Frenchman who really did spend a lot of time with his nose buried in the list searching for something suitable for us. Something like this happened not infrequently with me, but I’d never really noticed it until Tony made that comment that evening. I gave the sommelier a little puzzle to solve, you see, and he was doing his best to solve it.



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  1. Hello Grace,Thank you for linking to many posts on my blog, but I would appreciate it if you would post a brief recap and then link to Chez Pim. Posting an entire post at a time, including the title, is a little odd, no? I write from a personal point of view, so to me, reading my post on someone else’s blog is like hearing myself speak from a stranger’s lips. Entirely odd if you asked me. Since you are a librarian, you are probably a better judge than I am of what would be considered fair use of my content.Gridskipper had a post today about the latest post on Chez Pim. They wrote a little introduction/recap of the story, added a few funny comments, and then linked to Chez Pim. Here is how they did it. You might want to check them out. Frankly, I much prefer it their way.cheers,

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