Article III G gets outed: Scotus Watch (The New Yorker)

In the months since Sandra Day O’Connor announced her retirement, Americans have become obsessed with judge-watching. The new pastime practically eclipsed the World Series, with fans paying more attention to Harriet Miers’s eye makeup than to Jermaine Dye’s batting average. Consequently, this has been a good year for a Web site called Underneath Their Robes, which has established itself as the unofficial blog of record about the federal judiciary. There’s plenty of inside dope on the site, including comprehensive dossiers on various jurists and the identities of each new group of law clerks at the Supreme Court, but its real appeal lies in the distinctive voice of its pseudonymous author, Article III Groupie. (Article III of the Constitution established the federal judiciary.)

A3G, as she calls herself, writes like a boozy débutante, dishing about the wardrobes, work habits, and idiosyncrasies of the “superhotties of the federal judiciary” and “Bodacious Babes of the Bench.” The author is keen on the new Chief Justice, writing, on one occasion, “Judge Roberts is lookin’ super-hunky tonight, much younger than his 50 years. . . . The adorable dimple in his chin is making A3G dizzy.”


[via Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites]