Throwing the book at blogs (BuzzMachine)

Last week, I spoke to the Media Law Resource Center and a roomful of top media lawyers about blogs and other trends blowing up media. (My skeletal PowerPoint is here.)

While there, I pushed the group to take responsibility for helping train bloggers and other citizens in libel law, copyright, and other relevant law. We need to help bloggers not get into trouble if they don’t have to or to defend themselves well if they do. We also need to lobby to protect bloggers — yes, bloggers — under shield laws if others who perform acts of journalism get that protection; we need to protect them from SLAPP harassment; and more. This is why I’m back raising funding for a Citizens Media Center at CUNY; this is one among many reasons why I’m joining with Jarvis Coffin of Burst and others to form a citizens’ media trade organization.

: I learned at the session at Eric Robinson at MLRC had compiled a list of suits against or involving bloggers. It’s a sobering list. I’ll quote and excerpt the salient points; Eric has all the links and details on the MLRC site. And I thank Eric for putting that up: