Ted Koppel (The Charlie Rose Show)

The important thing that so many people who are interviewers don`t get, and you do, is you have to listen to what people say in response to your questions. That often leads in the most interesting directions, and I find nothing more frustrating than to be sitting there with someone who has got a list of questions.

… And, you know, he could say, you know, so what have you done lately, Ted? Well, I`ve just murdered three of my children. OK, and you – you are going where? Is it true that you are going to HBO? I just told you I`ve murdered three of my children. Yes, I heard that – it`s — nothing. There is not even a glimmer of intelligence in those interviews. And I hope, if I have contributed anything. it is the notion that an interview is not that different from a conversation. You ask a question, you get an answer. Sometimes the answer is unsatisfactory and you have to push a little bit further.