Updated Sony BMG DRM Spotter’s Guide (EFF)

Spotting Sony BMG’s DRM in the wild can be challenging. While many have a standardized disclosure box on the back, CDs with the SunnComm MediaMax software have a far wider array of indicia; notably stickers on the front and, less helpfully, fine print on the back.

To help out the amateur DRM spotter, we have put together a slideshow illustrating the various methods, along with a picture compilation of variations of SunnComm’s MediaMax software labeling on CDs.

Out of the over 250 titles listed on the SunnComm support site (see the pull down menu for “The CD in Question.”), we were able to confirm that the following CDs are Sony-BMG (or a sublabel) releases that are labeled on the package as having SunnComm MediaMax aboard:


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With everything going on with the rootkit fiasco, all the more reason to buy MP3s through iTunes or Real.com…