John Lennon Remembered 25 Years After Murder (WCBS)

(AP) NEW YORK A television news producer, an emergency room doctor and two NYPD beat cops. Before that December night 25 years ago, they shared little but this: As children of the ’60s, the soundtrack of their lives came courtesy of the Beatles.

On the night of Dec. 8, 1980, Dr. Stephen Lynn was in the ER, Alan Weiss was heading home from the newsroom, Officer Pete Cullen and partner Steve Spiro were on the job — and Mark David Chapman was lurking outside John Lennon’s home.

Lennon returned from a midtown Manhattan recording studio at 10:50 p.m. with wife Yoko Ono. Chapman’s voice, the same one that had beseeched the ex-Beatle for an autograph hours earlier, rang out: “Mr. Lennon!”

The handgun was leveled at the rock world’s foremost pacifist.

Four bullets pierced their famous target.

The voice of a generation was reduced to a final gasp: “I’m shot.”

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