Ed Colligan, CEO and President of Palm talks to PalmAddict

Palm CEO and President, Ed Colligan took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to PalmAddict and we thought we would ask him 22 of Jan’s great questions. So Ladies and Gentlemen grab a coffee, sit back and read what Ed had to say to PalmAddict and a BIG thank you to Ed Colligan for taking the time to talk to PalmAddict and we’re very pleased that he is a PalmAddict fan. Plus a big thank you to Jan, our Deputy Editor for coming up with the great questions. Make sure you read Jan’s excellent Palm Adict Profile series, you’ll fin the links in the right column.

1. Name?
Edward Thomas Colligan. Most people know me as Ed. My oldest friends know me as Eddy.

2. Occupation?
President and CEO of Palm, Inc.

3. Where do you live?
I spend about 60% of my time in San Jose, CA in a small bedroom community called Willow Glen. I also am very lucky to have a beautiful home on the water in Santa Cruz, CA. I spend as much time as possible there. It’s great being able to live the fast paced life of Silicon Valley, and then drive over the hill and live the laid back life in Santa Cruz.

4. How long have you been checking in / reading Palm Addict?
On and off since the beginning (1999). I check in to keep a pulse on the community and to see the latest news.

5. What do you like best about the Palm Addict community?
Their passion and dedication to the power of mobile computing.

6. How many PDA’s do you own?
An infinite number. It’s a little unfair because I get to try every one of them. I really carry a Treo of every flavor (mostly so I can test every carrier configuration and give feedback), and a LifeDrive as my camera companion.

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