Google adds music search (CNN Money)

Feature returns info about artists with links to online reviews and online retailers.

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Google is introducing a music search feature that details the work of certain featured artists.

“In analyzing our traffic, we found that a huge number of users conduct music-related searches,” Google (up $1.47 to $418.96, Research) said in a statement late Wednesday.

The music search feature is prominently placed above the main search results in what Google calls its “one box” area — where information such as weather, movies or books may also be highlighted.

When a user enters a music-related search in Google search box, the resulting search returns information about the artist, a few albums and a picture, when available, above the standard search results.

A link to “more” music results leads to user reviews, song titles and a choice of online retailers where the music can be purchased.