Little Book of Dreams (NWANews)


I’s only a notebook.

A little black dress of a notebook.

The Moleskine is only a notebook the way a Mini Cooper is only a car.

Before we go any further : how to say it. Not “mole skin.” That’s a fake suede-type fabric that resists wrinkling, and also a thin, flexible padded substance that sticks on skin to prevent blisters. Both are soft like moles. This notebook has nothing to do with moles.

This is a four-syllable word. MOLE-uh-SKEEN-uh. The way an Italian person would say it, or a French person. Or an American person with an adventurous life, who doesn’t speak Italian but would be able to confidently ask for this notebook if she found herself at a stationer’s in Rome.

Everyone is probably less than six degrees of separation away from a Moleskine fan. They maintain Web sites about the books. They post their drawings. They keep track of where the books show up on TV and in movies.

And many are convinced that this notebook, which retails for about $ 10, makes them more creative. More organized. More adventurous. More… cool.