2005 the Palm OS Year in Review (PalmInfocenter)

In our annual year in review article, PalmInfocenter takes a look at all of the major events that took place in the Palm OS world in 2005. It was certainly an exciting year full of surprise announcements and major transitions. Treo smartphones really began to take off, a lot of innovative devices were released and many surprises and new directions within the Palm economy took shape. Read on for the full recap.

In the beginning of 2005 Palm was still known as palmOne. The company announced a number of changes in January. The first sign of change came when the company’s CEO resigned. Todd Bradley later moved on to HP to head their Handheld and PC Unit. Ed Colligan stepped up as the new CEO. The Treo 650 became more widely available and enjoyed strong sales and wide praise in the media.

A few new Palm OS devices debuted early in the year. The often delayed Fossil FX2008 wristwatch PDA came to market. Garmin released the iQue 3600a, a GPS handheld designed for aviation, and the Qool QDA-700 became available in some European and Asian markets.

In February PalmSource formally completed their acquisition of ChinaMobileSoft. PalmSource acquired the company to leverage the work CMS has done with Linux to provide a new version of Palm OS based on Linux.

In GSPDA news, the company brought the M68 smartphone to Europe. The company also announced they would bring out a Palm OS Cobalt smartphone by the end of 2005. A claim which was again restated during PalmSource’s developer conference in May, however to date no manufacturer has announced a Cobalt device and none will likely ever.