Project Runway’s top Gunn

Bravo series’ ‘mentor’ gets real about show

Seattle Times

NEW YORK – I am such a fan of Project Runway’s Tim Gunn that I wish someone would make him into a doll, one that says “Make it work” and “Carry on” when you pull a string in its back.

I settled instead for respectfully poking around his fifth-floor office because he was running a bit late. It’s cozy and homey, filled with Asian accents and leather furniture and art and fashion books and cookbooks. And then I heard that voice coming down the hall, and then there he was, dressed head-to-toe in Banana Republic and looking — and sounding — just like he does on TV.

Here’s more from our chat:

Q: Santino has emerged as this season’s designer everyone loves to hate. Last year, it was Wendy Pepper. Are they really as bad as they seem, or is it all in the editing?

A: Wendy Pepper … I just have to say, the producers can’t put words in anybody’s mouth. I will say very bluntly about this season, the editors have been extremely kind to Santino. If the audience saw all of it, they’d say, “This is ridiculous.”