Singing backup for Andrea Bocelli

Find the bus at Penn Station, account for all singers, get ’em on the bus. Give the driver directions to Philadelphia and the Wachovia Center.

Troop down long, chilly, stadium corridors.

Sit just above the smoke machine, which started up during the soundcheck, and never stopped.

Try not to fall over loose cables. Avoid the falling microphone stand.

Chuck out the seating chart, we have 14 seats across, not 20. Write down the new formation.

Keep your eyes glued to the conductor’s stick.

Commiserate with the orchestra that we can’t hear anything.

Read music under green and purple lights (note to self – bring Palm for lighting),

Watch some of the concert on the giant monitors, including shots of us.

Listen to fans endlessly screaming ‘I love you, Andrea!’

Get back on the bus.