Stephen Colbert: Bloggers 1, Mainstream Media 0 (Technorati weblog)

Posted by Liz DunnLiz Dunn on May 04, 2006.

“Stephen Colbert” and “Colbert” have been the top Technorati searches all week, which is a nice real-life example of how mainstream media and the blogosphere are so different.

Stephen Colbert delivered a speech at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner last weekend, in the persona of the right- wing, anti-liberal press “talking head” that he plays on his nightly television show on Comedy Central. Standing just a few feet away from President George W. Bush, Colbert skewered the current administration, the President, and the press corps. While the mainstream media properties were pointedly silent about the speech, bloggers were busy commenting about the speech, uploading video clips of the speech, and transcribing it word for word.

If you looked at the New York Times or the Washington Post Monday morning, you would have no idea that anything out of the ordinary had happened at that dinner. But if you went to Technorati on Monday morning, you’d see Stephen Colbert everywhere–top searches, top tags, and in Explore: politics. Finally, on Tuesday or Wednesday, the rest of the media started covering the buzz around the speech, after those in the know–the Technorati–had been talking about it for days.

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