Deadwood creator keeps it real (

By Colin Mahan

David Milch sounds like Al Swearengen while explaining his slim hopes for the future of series.

Deadwood creator David Milch sounds a little like his character Al Swearengen when he says, “My father always said, ‘Never go anyplace where you’re only tolerated.'”

That sentiment sums up Milch’s reasons for not accepting HBO’s offer of a reduced order, from 12 episodes to six, for the fourth season of his show, Deadwood. Milch told the Phildelphia Inquirer that he had always envisioned the show as four full chapters, and doing a truncated version just wouldn’t have worked.

“I did not want to accept a short order. We couldn’t have done the work the way we wanted. I didn’t want to limp home,” he told the newspaper.