Lessig’s Victory Against Music School Is Personal, Painful (Law.com)

By Beth DeFalco
The Associated Press

It was a huge professional win for famed Internet attorney and Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig. And at the same time, the victory was a personal and painful one.

In early August, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that churches, schools and other charitable organizations can be held responsible for the intentional acts of their employees. The ruling means that Lessig’s client, John Hardwicke, can sue the legendary American Boychoir School in Princeton, where Hardwicke claims to have been sexually abused by several faculty from 1969-71.

By taking the case, Lessig didn’t just argue on Hardwicke’s behalf. A former American Boychoir School student himself, he also was motivated by his own secretive past.

“A huge proportion of the kids there were abused,” the soft-spoken Lessig said. “And I knew it personally.” (more…)