Old New Yorkers, Newer Ones, and a Line Etched by a Day of Disaster (NYT)

Five years ago, on Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists crashed two airliners into the World Trade Center. Downtown smelled like Coke cans and hair on fire. It was televised live.

Deenah Vollmer, who moved to the city last year. “I’m amazed because it was such a big event, and people never mention it.”

In New York City, 2,749 people were killed. About eight million remained. Since that day, the numbers have changed.

The population grew by more than 134,000 from 2000 to 2005, the city’s latest Planning Department calculations show. In that time, 645,416 babies were born and 304,773 people died. A half-million more people came from other countries than departed for them, and 800,000 more people left for the 50 states than came wide-eyed from them.

The meaning in the math is that today a great many New Yorkers lack firsthand knowledge of the city’s critical modern moment. (more…)