Memo Details Hewlett-Packard Leak Hunt (The Smoking Gun)

SEPTEMBER 29–With the Hewlett-Packard scandal now triggering congressional hearings and criminal probes, it seems some of the computer giant’s executives are hesitant to talk about the firm’s extensive hunt for the source of leaks to the media. Thankfully, however, a remarkable 18-page internal report details the hunt for the HP leaker. The document, a copy of which you’ll find below, was released yesterday by the House of Representatives committee examining the company’s search, which included the obtaining of phone records for board members and journalists. The May 24 memo from attorney Kevin Hunsaker, HP’s director of ethics, was addressed to the firm’s board of directors, CEO Mark Hurd, and Ann Baskins, who was the company’s general counsel until her resignation this week. Citing her Fifth Amendment rights, Baskins refused yesterday to answer questions posed by House committee members. Students of corporate skullduggery and paranoia will love the meticulous work of HP gumshoes, who correctly identified the leaker as board member George Keyworth II. Their hard (and sleazy) work will most certainly result in indictments, additional resignations, and lawsuits. Good work, guys! (18 pages)