AOL members sue over search data release (Computerworld)

Juan Carlos Perez

September 26, 2006 (IDG News Service) — Three AOL LLC members have sued the company over its controversial release of member search-engine records, in what their lawyers are billing as the first such lawsuit seeking national class-action status.

The three members are charging the Time Warner Inc. subsidiary with, among other things, privacy violation, false advertising and unjust enrichment.

Two unnamed AOL members residing in California and Kasadore Ramkissoon, who lives in New York, filed their lawsuit on Friday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

The lawsuit seeks monetary relief for all affected AOL members in the U.S. whose search data was disclosed without consent from Jan. 1, 2004, to the present.

The plaintiffs also ask the court to instruct AOL not to store or maintain users’ Web search records and to destroy the Web search records it currently has. (more…)

[via Dave Farber’s Interesting-People]