Never Assume Text Is Private (Wired)

By Regina Lynn

One lesson we can learn from former Rep. Mark Foley is that if you’re going to have cybersex at work, you should either pursue a more private career than Congress or become a sex blogger and live out loud.

But oh, how Foley must have laughed inside when he told journalists in 2003 that people have a right to privacy around their sex lives. At the time, the journalists were wondering why he wasn’t going to admit that he was gay.

What a lovely red herring you have, Mr. Foley.

If you’ve been ignoring the recent Foley hubbub, here’s a brief recap. Mark Foley, Representative for the 16th Congressional District in Florida, resigned last week just before ABC published the log of an instant message conversation he had in 2003 with a then-minor who had worked as a white house page.

In that conversation, Foley asks the teen how he masturbates and compliments him on his legs and confesses to an erection. The teen barely responds to the sex talk and only reports getting hard after he mentions the schoolgirl uniforms his female classmates wear.

There’s more, but if you haven’t read about it already, you are probably avoiding the story on purpose. And if you have, you probably appreciate my not repeating it here. (more…)