Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling Sentenced to 24 Years in Prison (

Brenda Sapino Jeffreys
Texas Lawyer
October 24, 2006

At a hearing on Monday where Jeffrey Skilling continued to proclaim his innocence, U.S. District Judge Sim Lake of Houston sentenced Skilling, the former chief executive officer of Houston’s Enron Corp., to more than 24 years in prison.

Lake denied Skilling’s request to remain free on bail pending his appeal, but the judge allowed Skilling to remain in home confinement until the U.S. Bureau of Prisons orders him to report to prison. Lake granted a defense motion that Skilling serve his time in the Butner Federal Corrections Complex in Butner, N.C.

In May, a jury found Skilling guilty of 19 criminal charges stemming from the collapse of Enron, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December 2001. Skilling stood trial alongside former Enron Chairman Kenneth Lay, but Lay died in July, and earlier this month Lake vacated Lay’s conviction of 10 criminal charges because Lay’s death made it impossible for him to appeal his conviction. (more…)