Guide for New Treonauts

If Santa was good to you this year and you got a Treo, you should get started by reading the PalmAddicts Guide for New Treonauts:


1) The Treo (both 650 and 700 series) comes with outstanding documentation, including robust tutorials on the device itself. Reviewing this material should be your first priority. Once you finish going through the tutorial, you will delight in realizing how easy your Treo is to use, and begin to understand the endless options it offers to its owners. Remember, you have a communications monster that swings through wireless web, email, PIM functions (like only a Palm can!), and is also one of the smartest smartphones out there

2) Charge your Treo battery, fully! Li-ION batteries don’t need to be ‘conditioned’ like traditional rechargeable batteries; however, you want to make sure that it is 100% charged before you begin to use your Treo for the very first time, so that it provides you with long life and strong charges

3) Follow the activation instructions provided by your wireless carrier. This will not only activate the Treo’s phone, but will provision it for data and email

4) If you already have Palm Desktop on your computer (from an existing Palm PDA), backup everything before installing the Treo-centric version from the included CD-ROM

5) Write down your email information (user name, password, POP/IMAP and SMTP server information). It will save you loads of time when you set up your email client

6) Check if your wireless carrier offers Treo Insurance. If so…SIGN UP! There is no better investment you will make. No matter how the outrageous slings and arrows beat up your wee beauty, you won’t be stuck with buying a replacement at full-cost (remember…this isn’t some $50 cellphone…it is a $500+ Treo) (more…)

And if you live in NYC and want more hands on help, please join us at the NYPC Palm SIG. We meet the first Wednesday of each month and it’s FREE.

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