New filings in the Charney/Sullivan & Cromwell litigation (Art Leonard)

The next chapter in the saga of gay attorney Aaron Brett Charney and his former employer, Sullivan & Cromwell, unfolded March 1 with the filing of litigation papers on behalf of Charney in the two law suits, which are both pending before Justice Bernard J. Fried in New York Supreme Court, New York County. In Charney’s discrimination/retaliation case against Sullivan & Cromwell, Charney’s attorneys have filed an opposition to Sullivan & Cromwell’s motion to dismiss Charney’s case. In Sullivan & Cromwell’s case against Charney, the attorneys have filed a motion to dismiss S&C’s case and incidentally to oppose S&C’s demand for a preliminary injunction in case their motion is denied. S&C’s responding papers, if any, are to be filed on March 15, and there will be another hearing before Justice Fried on March 27, according to the schedule agreed on the record during the last hearing in this matter.