A Chat Site for Law Students Draws Fire for Allowing Personal Attacks

from Wired Campus:

A law-students’ chat site whose operators have refused to remove derogatory, sexist, and racist postings about individual students has sparked a furor and prompted public rebukes by two law-school deans — one from the school where a co-founder of the site is currently enrolled, and the other from a school in which students have been personally targeted.

The Internet discussion board for current and prospective law students is one of several boards hosted by AutoAdmit, which was co-founded by Anthony Ciolli, a third-year law student at the University of Pennsylvania, and Jarret Cohen, a 23-year-old insurance salesman. It bills itself as “the most prestigious law-school discussion board in the world.” But it also contains postings that degrade individual students, with offensive comments that include sexual references and racist jabs.

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