Bluebook Pet Peeves (Conglomerate)

Christine Hunt writes about a problem she has with the new version of the Blue Book:

I do however, have a new Bluebook pet peeve that is particular to the 18th edition. (I’ve more thoroughly covered the 18th edition in my paper “The Bluebook at Eighteen: Reflecting and Ratifying Current Trends in Legal Scholarship.”) The 18th edition contains a revised rule 18.2.4, which provides guidance and examples on citing to blog entries, among other things. If I were to conjure up a citation for a blog post, I would be concerned with (1) the author; (2) the title of the post; (3) the title of the blog; (4) the URL and (5) the date. I would conjure up a citation that was similar to a journal, magazine or newspaper article, with the author’s name, then title of post, then title of blog, then location (URL), then date. However, this is not what the 18th edition does.

According to Rule 18.2.4, if the blog is a solo author blog, then you do not include the author’s name. So, if I want to cite to a post by my colleague Larry Solum on Legal Theory Blog, the cite will not contain his name. In addition, the citation will not contain the title of the post although almost all blog posts have titles, and the titles have very interesting information in them.