Pet Food Recall After Cat and Dog Deaths (Gothamist)

A Canadian company that produces cat and dog food is recalling over 80 brands. Some pet owners have noted that their cats and dogs have been vomiting and suffered kidney failure.

Ten of the pets have died, and while manufacturer Menu Foods is not sure what happened, but they are saying that the recall is limited to the “cuts and gravy” style foods. 1010WINS says that products all used wheat gluten from a new supplier. Hmm.

Menu Foods sells food to stores like Safeway, Wal-Mart and PetSmart (some of whom sell it under a private label); you can see a list of the products and product codes at Menu Foods’ website. It also makes food for Proctor & Gamble, who announced a recall of Iams and Eukanuba canned and foil pouch foods.


One thought on “Pet Food Recall After Cat and Dog Deaths (Gothamist)

  1. The cat food recall is a tragedy. So far the FDA has received reports of 1,950 cat deaths. This is a lot of dead cats, and the companies that sold this food should be punished.

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