Legal Wikis Are Bound to Wow You (

When published in 1999, Stanford Law School professor Lawrence Lessig’s book, “Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace,” earned praise from a reviewer as “paradigm-shifting.”

When Lessig set out to update the book, he shifted the paradigm again, posting the entire manuscript to a Web site where anyone could contribute edits. Eventually, he took the publicly edited text, added his own edits, and, in 2006, published the resulting work as Code v2. Soon, he will post the finished book online for readers to continue to revise.

U.K. solicitor Justin Patten is taking the same approach to a book he is writing about blogging and social media,

The key word in these experiments is collaboration and the engine driving them is a type of Web site known as a wiki, from the Hawaiian word for fast. A wiki allows any Web page visitor to easily add, remove or edit content. (more. . . )