That Coram Boy Choir (Ask

…The show has 75 minutes of music. About 15 percent is by Handel, and about 85 percent is new music written by the composer Adrian Sutton, though Sutton’s music often uses elements from Handel. While the show has some parts in which the choir takes the lead, Zachary James, one of the choir members, likened the choir’s function to that of a film soundtrack, which “enhances the mood without being too obtrusive,” he says.

Kitsopoulos made sure to hire singers well versed in the style of choral music. “I would describe it as a very clean sound,” Kitsopoulos says. “You could very clearly define and listen to ‘Oh, those are the sopranos, those are the altos, those are the tenors, these are the basses.” In a Broadway chorus, however, the idea “is to create a harmonic texture, like a wall of sound,” and opera choruses work similarly. Broadway and opera choruses also use more vibrato (the throbbing effect that trained singers will sometimes use) than choirs do. (more . . .)