Backup systems averted loss of N.Y. bar exam essays (NYLJ)

Joel Stashenko/New York Law Journal
August 3, 2007

Backup systems in software that malfunctioned last week for hundreds of students writing essays on the New York state bar examination appear to have prevented the loss of any test takers’ answers, the software company’s president said Wednesday.

Douglas M. Winneg of Software Secure Inc. said in an interview that he believes the essay question answers uploaded from the computers of approximately 5,200 people who used laptops to take the bar exam last week have been accounted for. The Cambridge, Mass.-based company is in the process of transferring the computer data to another company, which will print the essays and transfer them to the state Board of Law Examiners for grading.

The board has promised that all students who took the test last week on a laptop will be notified when their essays have been located. The other half of the test takers wrote the essays in longhand. (more . . .)