Confessions of a LinkedIn Dropout (Business Week)

Are you on Facebook yet? Maybe you should be.

I made this pronouncement on my blog recently, encouraging my friends and contacts to join me in leaving LinkedIn behind. Little did I know the ripple effect it would have.

Within hours of my posting, several high-tech bloggers took note of the move and started their own LinkedIn vs. Facebook discussions, many asking whether Facebook, a site that began as a social network for college kids, could replicate LinkedIn, a network aimed at helping professionals forge and maintain business connections. Hundreds of my contacts who did not have a Facebook account as recently as March were swarming Facebook by mid-July. Everywhere there were “Facebook for Business” blog posts, and the network, it seemed, had suddenly recaptured the attention of key executives across the media, entertainment, communications, and Internet fields.

Facebook already was recognized as a growing and disruptive social site for young people, but it was starting to be seen as a viable force for business. We are in the midst of a coming of age for Facebook, and I have embraced the network fully. (more. . .)