Is the Future of Legal Scholarship in the Blogosphere? (

Margaret A. Schilt
Legal Times

If you are looking for the future of legal scholarship, chances are that you may find it not in a treatise or the traditional law review but in a different form, profoundly influenced by the blogosphere.

Law-related blogs are proliferating on the Internet — more than 80 are listed on the blogroll of one popular law-related blog, Concurring Opinions. A significant number of the blogs — sometimes called “blawgs” — are hosted by law professors.

What do these blogs look like? There’s a wide variety, from the weighty to the conversational or, in the jargon, the more “bloggy.” On the Becker-Posner Blog, Judge Richard Posner and economist Gary Becker debate issues such as crime and economic development, health care reform and whether higher education is a good investment. (more . . .)