SMARTPHONE EDITOR REVIEW: The Palm Centro on Sprint (PalmAddicts)

Despite a few shortcomings, the Palm Centro has the price, performance and pedigree to induce cellphone and feature-phone users across the chasm to smartphones. Unfortunately, the cockamamie advertising will never resonate with the Centro’s target audience.

* The Centro is a full-blown smartphone for only 99 bucks
* Its sports the freshest, funnest design that Palm had produced in years
* Sprint’s EvDO network is faster then Verizon’s, just as wide-spread and a lot cheaper
* Battery life is pretty good for a smaller device
* Palm Garnet OS is still the lowest learning-curve on the block
* Palm and Sprint are doing heavy multi-media marketing for this product

* While fresh for Palm, the design isn’t as sexy as its competitors
* The pygmy keyboard is too small for larger hands to use, and older eyes to read
* The screen is sharp, but too small for contact lens wearers
* The Centro looks and feels toy-like, compared to competitive offerings
* Palm’s & Sprint’s marketing campaigns are off-target and obscure

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  1. What do they retail for? I might pick one up if its not to expensive. Good post, keep up the good work.

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